I will provide 40 scheduled lessons per year which mostly mirror the 4 School Terms. I also teach lessons during most holidays (except for a few weeks at Christmas time). Students can opt to have more than one lesson a week during the holidays. I strongly encourage students to take lessons during holidays if they are in town, as students have more time to practise and focus. Students often experience big leaps of improvement during the holidays. 

Students are expected to enrol for the full year.  Students who start part way through the year will be enrolled until the end of that year.

Lesson Duration

  • Beginners            30-45 minutes
  • Intermediate         45-60 minutes
  • Advanced             60 minutes           


Students need to provide:

  • A suitable instrument
  • A clear pocket folder and notebook
  • A shoulder rest      
  • Students should have a music stand at home
  • Students must keep their fingernails short at all times

Music books and materials must be purchased promptly when requested or may be bought from the studio in some instances.


Students are required to make time for regular practice, at least 5 times a week.  The length of the practice will vary according to their age and level.  Parents of children will be expected to help the student find a suitable time to fit in their practice and to encourage and support the child in their endeavours.

With regular practice students will advance more quickly, reach their goals and enjoy a greater sense of achievement and fulfilment.  I will provide practice tips, solutions and guidance individual to each student.